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Elk, California, where the forests and meadows meet the sea

The place we call home



Hunt for Easter Eggs

The Greenwood Community Center invites kids under 12 to an Easter egg hunt at the Community Center on Sunday, April 21 at noon.  Your donation of a dozen or so dyed hardboiled eggs would be greatly appreciated.  They can be dropped off at the Elk Store the day before or at the Community Center that morning.  Egg sandwiches will be made after the hunt.  For more information, call Mea Bloyd at 877-3291 or

meabloyd(_AT_) Egg Hunt
.  No dogs, please!


Greenwood Civic Club Scholarship Program

As part of its support for the education and development of students who are residents of Elk, the Greenwood Civic Club is pleased to announce its Scholarship Award program for 2018.  These awards are based on scholastic achievement that has resulted in the student’s acceptance and enrollment into an accredited institution of higher learning or continuing education.  The Club will also consider making awards to candidates who have previously graduated, are making progress in their programs, are enrolling in a graduate program, or to graduates who do not reside in Elk but have close ties to the community either by a history of community support or by employment.  Click here to review the details of the Scholarship Award Program.  Applications are available at Mendocino High School or by clicking here.


SIgn Up for Emergency Alerts

Register for Mendocino County's two emergency notification systems.

Mendocino County Citizen Alert Notification System
For landline calls, cell texts & calls and email notifications.

For landline calls and cell text alerts.


Help the Fire Department Help YOU!

The Elk Volunteer Fire Department is calling on all households in the Elk Community to complete a Resource Identification Form to help emergency responders to serve you better in an emergency.  The forms are available at the Post Office or by clicking here.


Elk Community List

The Greenwood Civic Club has established a private listserv for Elk community members to circulate and share information regarding events, news, resources and needs within the community.  The Elk Community List is hosted by the Mendocino Community Network (MCN).  Any interested members and friends of the Elk community are welcome to subscribe. 

Use of the list is subject to terms and services.  To ensure the best possible experience for all list participants, subscribers are asked to observe some basic guidelines.

To sign up for the list, click here: 



Make Pizza With Your Neighbors

Like pizza?  Got dough?  Come on down to the Greenwood Community Center almost monthly.  Check the Calendar of Events or email Kevin at

to find out when the next one happens.  Bring your own dough and toppings and bake it in the wood-fired outdoor oven.  Share some with your neighbors and sample some of their creations.  You'll eat good and have fun, too.


Movie and/or Trivia Night

Good at trivia?  Like old movies?  Come to the Greenwood Community Center on occasional Thursday nights and have fun with your family and friends.  Doors open at 6:00 p.m., with trivia at 6:30 p.m. and sometimes a film after.  Bring a dish or drink to share.  Check the Calendar of Events or contact contact Anica Williams at

to find out when the next movie and/or trivia night happens.


Get on the Event Calendar

Do you have an event you want to put on the Event Calendar or do you want to book the Greenwood Community Center?  Contact Elise Ferrarese at (541) 829-1250 or

Click here for details on renting the center, including rates, a fillable rental agreement, and instructions for renters.

Do you want to book the Greenwood School?  Contact Charlie or Rosi Acker at 877-1800 or